Making Love Last: A Marriage Half Day Seminar

We are kicking off the marriage launch with our speakers, Gary and Laura Taggart. Laura has a brand new book just releasing in July 2017, Making Love Last, Divorce Proofing Your Young Marriage, Revell Publishing. So as you can see, they have a heart for young marriages and seasoned marriages as well. High school sweethearts they have lived the adventure of marriage themselves for 41 years. They offer a wealth of information that will make the morning rich with meaning and application.

We will also feature a panel of married couples

Couples of all ages and stages of the marriage journey. Collectively we will be encouraged and supported by a gathering of people who desire to learn to live in love and do it well. Spouse not available that day? Well, you can come and learn. We are offering registration for couples, individuals and engaged or seriously dating couples..


Finding Purpose in Each Season

We long for significance. We wonder if we are OK, if our life is on track. We ponder meaning.  We wrestle with purpose. Each life stage and season has it’s own challenges, and God says to our hearts: ” I have made you. I will carry you. I will sustain you.” We...
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Wet Cement

“Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand.” Jeremiah 18:6 It’s summertime and I am always looking for a new craft or activity for grandkids. A quick trip to my local Michael’s presented me with many ideas, including making hand prints in wet cement...
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Are You Living Under Your Problems?

I was spinning. My thoughts moved from calm to chaos in seconds. Being I couldn’t google an answer for relational stress, being hurt or feeling rejected, I let the situation fuel as I fumed.  I am sure you can relate. It happens. Circumstances make it easy to live in doubt,...
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The Journey of Change

  I just returned from a weekend filled with the beauty of the redwoods and a community of women who gathered to worship God. They came from many different churches in California, gathering at Mt. Hermon Christian Camp. The surroundings were stunning. Rains making way for...
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Two Ways to Change an Attitude, Part #2

I was triggered. The comment made was innocent but my feelings began taking over…I lost my focus. Nothing seemed clear and my thoughts were fuzzy and filled with pain.   Keeping calm and putting on my big girl panties is easier said then done.  Some days having a bad...
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Two Ways to Change an Attitude, Part #1

Once again my mind started going down to a negative place. I quickly went from sad to angry. Soon I began focusing on wanting to right the wrong. Unfortunately the wrong was a long time ago but still triggered feelings of hurt. I was frustrated with myself for being in such a...
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The Easy Way Out

Driving around the parking lot I became annoyed that there was not a closer place to park. After pulling into a stall that was quite far from the gym entrance, I huffed in frustration that there was not anything better than the place I had found. As I walked briskly in to make my...
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Life. Loss. God.

Life can turn in a moment. Last Friday I was out of the area speaking at a women’s conference. My subject was Remembering God. Though it sounds simplistic, it is important. Why? Because most of us forget. It’s something I call spiritual amnesia. And, though it sounds...
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Why Bother?

Some days we just need to be encouraged. “So let’s not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit.” Galatians 6:9 Encouraged and reminded are the two things I need. It’s not...
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